Welcome to the WRCWEBS Design website. My philosophy is that web pages should be informative, straight to the point, but should also be interesting. Its a bit like reading a book, if you are not hooked by the first few pages the chances are that you will put the book down and forget about it. If on the other hand you are hooked you could end up reading the book several times over.
The same goes for websites. If the site is dynamic without being over run by animation it will keep the viewer interested enough for them to read what you are trying to tell them. With this in mind if there is any way you think this site could be improved then let me know.

With what is available to web designers these days, there is no excuses for boring text only sites. There are tools to do almost anything with graphics and text.

If you would like a quote for your own personal or small business website then you can contact me from the contacts page. As this is basically a hobby for myself I don't charge the sort of money that full time design companies charge and if you do not like what I have designed for you then you don't have to pay for it.